By shoes will know her

By shoes will know her

It is well known that shoes are an integral part of the wardrobe of any woman. As many pairs she possess, they are always insufficient. The shoes, however, are more than an accessory in our clothing. They released the character issue and intentions. Depending on your preference - shoes with high or low heels with sparkling or plain colors - we can understand what a woman is standing in front of us.


We will look at several types of footwear models and the corresponding type of character about them:

High-heel pumps

Typically, these shoes are worn by women with confidence. Heel lengthens the leg, making it a fine, delicate and slender like a gazelle. It definitely appeals to men. Also, women with a passion wear high shoes. It is true that according to most ladies high heels are uncomfortable, but definitely feminine foot quickly get used to this inconvenience, easily overcomes all problems.

Shoes with low heels

Low heels are preferred by the elegant business women. Business woman should never be high heeled, she should not be higher than a man. The mid-heel is also sophistication, comfortable shoe for everyday linked to many business cases. Low heel blends perfectly with formal wear.

Shoes in bright colors

These women never go unnoticed. The warm shades like red and yellow are a sign of confidence. The powerful women wear them knowing what they want and take what they want. The woman with red shoes is usually taken as she’s going hunting. This, of course, is not always the case. Red is regarded by men as reigning and most women wearing red shoes, underwear or preferring red clothes are real tigress in bed.

Shoes in light shades

Blue, green and pale color shoes speaks generally about more modest nature of the woman. Perhaps shy, and perhaps well disguised lionesses. People say that still waters run deep. But it’s a fact that the shy women choose simple yet modern color shoes.


Shoes in colorful colors

Shoes dyed in various bright and light colors go more and more fashionable. Women who choose these shoes usually keep still the child in yourself, even if they are of a mature age. This prompted them to purchase such models. This, of course, is not bad, because each of us has a child in themselves and so keep the spirit young!